Spray Nozzle Performance Certification Program 

Starting in late 2014 Agritronics plans to offer a spray nozzle performance testing program to determine spray nozzle wear, so you know if you should change your nozzles.


To have your nozzles tested you will provide your information and payment on our website and then send us your nozzles in the special shipping box we provide.


The testing cost is based on the number of nozzles on your sprayer. The cost for a 100’ sprayer is $89.00 and 120’ sprayer is $99.00 (based on 20” nozzle spacing). Costs for other boom widths will be made available shortly.


In order to minimize the cost of the program, we will only test 20% of the nozzles of a given type on a sprayer. Nozzles generally wear at the same rate, so testing 20% will provide a statistically representative indication of the performance and wear of a full set of nozzles.


If you are interested in having your nozzles tested please pre-register below. We will send you a notification email when you can officially order your nozzle test.


Spray Nozzle Wear Research Project

Agritronics has teamed up with Dr. Tom Wolf, PAMI and Pattison Liquid Systems to conduct a research project to enhance the understanding of how and why nozzles wear.


With your permission, we will utilize the data collected from your nozzle test as part of an industry-wide research project. We will share the results with you and make the overall result available for all farmers and spray applicators. If you are interested in participating in this research project, please indicate your approval below.


Pre-registration for Spray Nozzle Performance Certification and Wear Research Project

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