3 reasons you can't rely on your auto-rate controller
REASON #1 - The application rate at your controller and nozzles may be different

Most auto-rate controllers work by monitoring a sensor which measures the liquid flow to the whole boom and adjusting the flow to match the sprayer speed and/or number of boom sections turned on.

The problem with this is that there are a number of things that can cause the application rate to be incorrect at the nozzle, even though the auto-rate controller is functioning properly:

- The flow sensor could be malfunctioning or out of calibration
- A boom valve could be malfunctioning
- A hose could be collapsed or kinked or leaking
- A nozzle could be worn or blocked

The only way to be certain that you are evenly applying the correct rate of spray is to check the output from the spray nozzle.

REASON #2 - Optimal application can make a big difference to your bottom line

Spraying doesn’t just cost a lot, it can make a significant difference to your yield...and income. Evenly applying the correct rate of chemical is crucial to achieving optimal results and getting the best return on your inputs investment.

If the amount of spray coming out your spray nozzles is incorrect, or your nozzles are worn, the application rate and/or the spray pattern will be less than optimal and so will your results.

REASON #3 - You can’t see a worn nozzle until it may have cost you a lot

As nozzles wear the spray pattern deteriorates so that you are no longer applying the same rate across the boom.

By the time you can notice the pattern is deteriorated, your nozzles are long past due for replacement and you haven’t been applying spray optimally for some time.

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