More Effective, Safer, Grain Handling and Storage

AgriMax grain level alarm products let you know when the grain level is near the top of the bin so you don't have to watch or climb the bin.


AgriMax Grain Auger Level Alarm

Know when the grain pile is at the auger spout without having to watch or climb the bin or truck

Auger Module & Grain Pile Sensor

dot Auger Module easily mounts at auger outlet and notifies Remote-Pager when grain pile has reached sensor
dot Powered by internal 6volt battery or 12 volts
dot High contrast amber downlight and flashing red transport safety light
dot Grain Pile Sensor is solid state for durability


dot Wireless Remote-Pager beeps, vibrates and flashes when the grain pile is at the sensor
dot LED lights indicate alarm and wireless communication status with Auger module
dot Button cancels alarm and turns Auger module lights on and off



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