More Effective, Safer, Grain Handling and Storage

AgriMax grain level alarm products let you know when the grain level is near the top of the bin so you don't have to watch or climb the bin.


AgriMax Grain Bin Level Alarm

Know when the bin is getting full without having to watch or climb the bin

Bin Alarm/Transmitter Socket & Level Sensors

dot Each monitored bin is equipped with a Bin Alarm/Transmitter Socket
dot Bin Alarm or Transmitter are inserted into the socket to begin monitoring
dot Two material Level Sensors are supplied with each unit and easily install on the outside of the bin, requiring only a 7/16" diameter hole

Alarm Models

dot Manual Shut-Off and Wireless Remote Shut-Off bin alarm models are available.
dot A Wireless Remote-Pager is paired with the wireless bin alarm, which beeps, vibrates and flashes when in alarm and has a button to remotely shut off the alarm



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